Big Heart Creative offers a full selection of web development services. We have the capacity to develop your website from idea conception, development, and long-term maintenance. Our goal is to help you to identify your message and visually tell your story. We will create a website design that will meet your organizational goals and motivate your stakeholders to take action.

Website Development

  • Big Heart Creative employs a user-centered approach (or human-centered) to all projects. User-centered is a philosophy and a process in which the needs, wants and limitations of the user are given extensive attention at each stage of the development process.

    We provide a number of premier service offerings from turn-key packages to custom design, development and implementation. We’ve worked with a diversity of tools and platforms, and have the capacity to help identify what may work best for you and your organization.

  • Our goal is to partner with you to create a design or online experience that meets the needs of both your stakeholders and your organization. We have the capacity to develop the architecture and visual design for your website, do the initial set-up and coding, train you on how to manage your new web management system, and ultimately help launch your new project.
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“When it comes to web communication, Big Heart Creative delivers. Matt Carlisle and his team started with exploring our web communication needs. They developed a visual design that expresses the character of our church and launched a website that allows us to communicate our church’s presence and mission in a beautiful way. Matt is a clear communicator, gifted designer, and a thoughtful creative to work with.”Rev. Matt Nickel | Highland Presbyterian Church, Louisville, KY

Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting and MaintenanceBig Heart Creative’s WordPress hosting and maintenance plans offer premier multi-layered security, quick page load time, and most importantly, best-in-class customer service:

  • 12 hour response time
  • Daily security scan
  • Test site
  • Quarterly WordPress core and plugin updates
  • Code repository
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Daily site backup
  • Site migration

Communications Audit & Strategy

If you look across the landscape of how organizations communicate and share their stories, you’ll find it littered with copycats. From websites to messaging, organizations often fall prey to the practice of over promising through communications and then under delivering in the execution. It’s easier to emulate rather than invest the sweat equity required to discover who you are and what you do well. Success is ultimately achieved when you share your authentic story – the story of who you are as an organization, not who you wish you were.

Your communications audit will include the assessment of: Brand messaging; State of communications with your audience/stakeholders; State of communications with internal leadership; Publications; Electronic media (i.e. website, electronic newsletter, database, etc.); Social Media presence; Communications staffing and stakeholder involvement; Recurring advertisements; Crisis planning, and current relationship with media.

We will gather necessary feedback to create a discovery document by means of interviews with stakeholders, internal staff, leadership, and community, a broad online survey, review of web analytics, and conversations with small groups based on specific segments.

“Big Heart Creative took me through a well-thought out, comprehensive and revealing process that helped me clarify my goals, re-consider my calling, and position myself for a powerful future.”Rebekah Simon-Peter


The Big Heart Creative staff has more than 17 years of visual design experience in both digital and print media. We offer a full selection of design services: print and web design for advertising, brand identity, promotional materials, posters, billboards, and beyond. Our goal is to help you to identify your message and visually tell your story.

Big Heart Creative provides a number of premier service offerings. We will create a design that will meet your organizational goals and motivate your stakeholders to take action. We offer the following visual design services: Website, Logo/brand, Brochure/booklet, Digital ads, Print ads, Event material, Billboard, Social media, Poster/flyer.

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